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Luxury Coaches and Company Conferences

luxury large coaches

Following a recent comment from a visitor that they had “found it difficult to get employees to voluntary attend a company conference”, we thought we would re-revisit a previous blog that’s closely related to this subject.

It had its origins in the fact that we don’t only provide luxury limousines.  Sydney and elsewhere, we can also provide luxury coaches.

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Corporate Event Hire

Parties and Alcohol

We recently heard somebody on TV talking about how they were looking for ideas to help improve their employees’ attendance at corporate events.

They were speaking about things such as social events and communication sessions. Apparently, if attendance wasn’t actually obligatory, many employees simply weren’t turning up.

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The Beginning of A Business That Has Been Operating For 20 Years!

11102669_896575893719602_6817107722073606969_nA brief history of our company:

It all began in 1982, when a 21-year old Oris Squadrito began his training in the art of being a chauffeur. This included a stress on old-school customer satisfaction and service from the masters of the “Old Guard” of chauffeuring that made an indelible imprint on him.

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Top Tips for Brides and Wedding Day Punctuality

Wedding Car Hire Sydney

As a bride, it is one thing to be ‘traditionally late’ in your arrival at your wedding venue where the groom is waiting but another altogether to find that you’re so behind that the guests have started a football or cricket match to keep themselves entertained in the meantime.

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Making the Best of your Limousine Hire Budget

Sometimes we get called by a potential client who has a specified budget available and wants to know what they can achieve with it by way of luxury limousine hire.

Let’s state right up front that at Bayside Limousines we are a very friendly bunch and we are always more than happy to receive calls from potential customers.  So, don’t feel inhibited but instead feel free to pick up the phone and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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The Stretch Limo – Making a Statement

There’s no way that we are going to try and convince you that a stretch limousine is anything other than a bold and brash statement.

Whatever else you can say about them, discreet they are not. Anybody who likes to be quiet, unobtrusive and the sort that fades quietly and unobserved into the background, is not going to be suited to this type of vehicle!

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