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Open-Top Wedding Limousine Hire

wedding limo hire

Very few things look more romantic than the bride arriving at her wedding venue in some form of open-top luxury limousine. Sydney is famous for its wedding backdrops and typically good weather and all those things come together to make for a wonderful display and some fantastic photos and associated memories.

We are intensely proud of our wedding limousine hire services and can make virtually any requirement that you might think of happen. In the specific case of the open-topped vehicles though there are a few things we would respectfully recommend that you keep in mind:

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Don’t Take Chances with your Wedding Limousines

Wedding Limousine Hire

This is another old favourite subject of ours but we saw a story recently on this that was both funny and sad. In fact, it’s similar to another such story we saw a while back.

This one related to an incident in the UK where the limousine driver concerned managed to get “hopelessly lost” on the way to the church with the bridegroom and best man. 

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Sleeping the Worst Off

Limo Hire Sydney

We’ve seen some news recently from France that caught our eye.

The police were called to a suspicious-looking vehicle in a small town.  Upon arrival, they found a man inside who had simply pushed back his seat for a quick nap.  What made this unusual though was the fact that he had chosen to do so on a roundabout and was actually so drunk as to be officially described as being “virtually comatose”.

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