FAQs – Luxury Coach Hire and Punctuality

Here is another in our “frequently asked questions” series. This one discusses punctuality issues associated with luxury coach hire services.

Can you guarantee that your coach will arrive on time?

In almost all cases, yes we can.

That covers both arrival in terms of collection and the subsequent arrival at your point of destination.

Of course, not even we can plan for exceptional issues that might arise such as an accident on the road ahead which blocks traffic. Such events are exceedingly rare though.

What is the biggest thing to look out for in terms of punctuality on the trip?

In our experience, the commonest problem that leads to delays is that of members of the hiring party failing to arrive on time at the designated point of departure on either the outbound or inbound trip.

We are completely at your disposal and will be happy to adjust the schedule as required by your party’s individual situation. However, in circumstances where we have advised you of the latest departure time necessary to arrive at the destination within a given limited time slot, any delays in departure may put the arrival time at risk.

Is there anything that can be done to reduce potential departure or return delays?

We always strongly recommend that our customers appoint some form of “trip manager” who has decision-making authority.

Although it is sometimes difficult, he or she may need to make the decision that the party and coach must depart in order to meet the travel schedule even in situations where one or more members are not yet present.

Do you have any specific tips about getting everyone to arrive for departure on time?

It may be necessary to make it clear to everyone, in advance, that your planned departure time is fixed. You may need to state explicitly that if they are not there on time, your coach will be departing anyway.

Something else worth considering is to try and avoid, where your travel arrangements permit it, very early morning departures. It may be more difficult for everyone to arrive punctually for, say, a 6am departure than one at 8-9.00am.

Does it cost more if your coach is delayed in departure?

Bayside Limousines is far from being a petty company in terms of clock-watching!

If you have hired one of our luxury coaches for a day, then we will plan in some contingency. Minor delays are not likely to result in additional charges.

The position may be slightly different if you have booked a coach for a morning and delays put at risk the coach’s utilisation elsewhere that afternoon. Extremely severe delays of sometimes several hours might also be an issue in terms of incurring additional costs.

Please discuss this with us in more detail if you have concerns.

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