2017 – Winds of Change

We don’t talk about politics much (if at all) in our blogs and please be reassured – we’re not going to change that here!

However, there were some fairly momentous events politically in 2016 that will very possibly have a large effect on 2017. So, we couldn’t help but offer a New Year perspective from a Bayside Limousines viewpoint.

It’s fairly clear that all around the ‘western’ world, voters are questioning conventional politicians and their approach to life and business. It would be risky to generalise much about what the public favours or doesn’t in terms of individual policies but it’s pretty clear that what we expect of politicians is changing.

All the surveys and several important elections, indicate that people want a leadership level that is capable of actually delivering on things such as health and the economy etc. Empty talk is no longer going to be acceptable and there’s an increased public demand for concrete action rather than epic speeches.

What has this “wind of change”, as it’s been called, to do with luxury limousine hire?

Well directly, perhaps not very much but it may drive changes in the economy and its priorities. That might affect all of us engaged in daily commercial activities.

At the moment, it’s proving tricky to identify what these changing winds will mean for global commerce. In some countries it looks like protectionism is becoming popular again after several decades of drift towards globalisation. In others, there appears to be a marked disinclination to be part of a restrictive trading block and to move instead towards open trade.

On the whole though and speaking from a purely business viewpoint, there does seem to be an air of optimism for 2017 around. That should be good news for all of us and we at Bayside will be doing everything we can, in our own humble way, to help ‘make it so’.

A happy and successful New Year to you all.

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