A Word on Carrying Animals

From time to time we are asked about our policies with regards to the transport of pets.

We are an almost infinitely flexible organisation and will do everything we possibly can to meet the requirements of our clients. As such, we don’t have demarcation lines and piles of bureaucracy defining what can or cannot be done in an individual limousine hire situation. Instead, we look at each individual set of circumstances on its own and reach an informed conclusion in conjunction with our client.

We have touched on this one before but as it does come up fairly regularly, we’d like to summarise our general principles here.

• In principle, we are willing to allow certain types of pets to accompany clients in our vehicles.

• Depending upon the pet concerned, for safety reasons we may require that they are transported in some form of fully enclosed carrying case.

• Some types of pet may, by their nature, in our opinion be either too dangerous, too large or potentially too disruptive, to be taken into one of our vehicles.

• If you are planning to take a pet with you on your journey in one of our vehicles, we do respectfully request that we are notified of your intention in advance. This will give us the opportunity to discuss with you any special arrangements that may be required.

Should you be considering taking a pet with you in the vehicle and other people, apart from the chauffeur, are going to be sharing it with you then we would always recommend that you check with the other parties in advance and obtain their permission. Some people are highly allergic to certain types of animal and that could be disruptive to your and their travel plans on the day if they discover only at that stage your intention to transport an animal with them in an enclosed space.

We are here to help and by speaking to us in advance, we can usually make sure that there are no problems in this area.

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