Driving Licence Ages and Luxury Limos

The driving licence minimum age varies in Australia from 16.5 years of age in Northern Territory up to 18 in some other States.

There are also varying licence requirements depending upon the type and weight of the vehicle you’re planning to drive. There may also be important insurance restrictions that apply to certain younger driver/vehicle type combinations.

We’re sure our clients don’t need to have our licencing rules explained but we mention it to illustrate a point. That is – you won’t see young chauffeurs working for Bayside Limousines.

Let’s be clear – we have absolutely nothing against young drivers. In fact, we can just about remember the days when we too were young (though it’s getting harder and harder as each year passes!).

What we ARE discussing here is ‘experience’. You simply cannot teach experience and judgement because they’re two things that have to be slowly built up over time. They are though absolutely essential if you have to safely and reliably perform as a professional chauffeur of luxury limousines.

Some of this relates to the handling characteristics of limos. For example, a Jaguar just doesn’t drive the same way as, say, a small family car. That’s not something you’d want a very young chauffeur finding out the hard way.

Then there are all those service issues. Chauffeurs are at the coalface of our service delivery and meeting our clients’ requirements is often about so much more than simply arriving on time. Sensing a client’s needs and reacting to them in advance just isn’t something that the typical 18 or 19 year old has sufficient business experience to deliver against.

All of our chauffeurs are mature individuals with both extensive life as well as commercial experience within the luxury limousine sector. You can be certain that you’re getting one of the top professionals when you use our services.

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