Luxury Limousines and Parking – FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the FAQs we see on this subject.

Can you wait outside for me if I have only a brief meeting?

Yes. We are entirely at your disposal for the period of your hire.

However, there is one caveat – that relates to parking restrictions.

We must, of course, obey the law and local regulations. Typically, pulling up for a few seconds to drop off or collect is not going to be an issue with the authorities. It might not though be possible for us to park there longer term.

In such cases, we will usually provide you with a number to call to say that you’re ready to go and your limousine will arrive a few minutes later to collect you.

Is there anywhere you can’t deliver us to?

It’s exceptionally unlikely but it could happen in very unusual cases.

For example, in some cities there are sites called “Red Zones” (or variations thereof) where stopping, even for a few seconds, is strictly prohibited – usually for security reasons.

In some high-security locations, direct access is also very restricted. However, in these cases, provided we have sufficient notice we can normally apply for appropriate permissions.

Problems in this domain are exceedingly rare.

Can I go back to my parked limousine at any time?

Absolutely! Again, we stress that we’re here to make your life easy.

Do note though that this may depend to some extent upon how you’ve booked the vehicle. If, for example, you’ve booked it on an hourly rate basis and asked for a drop-off at say 8am and a collection at 6pm, then your luxury limousine hire vehicle might be allocated to other work in between.

So if you called unexpectedly at say 11am, saying you wanted to go back to the vehicle, it might physically be elsewhere. We would though, of course, try to get a vehicle to you as soon as possible.

For the ultimate in flexibility, may respectfully recommend you consider half or full day bookings for the vehicle. Then it will be entirely dedicated to you.

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