A Business Pre-Departure Checklist

You might be surprised to know how often our chauffeurs are asked to ‘turn back’ in a hurry because a client has forgotten something.

Usually this is no big deal but it can be more of a headache if the delays involved put at risk things like flight departures or business-critical meeting deadlines.

So, here is a very informal pre-departure checklist reminder aimed at business clients.

  1. Your technology. Do you have your phone, laptop and everything else you need?
  2. Personal documentation. Usually involving passports for international travel but it might also include airline and train tickets, sporting tickets or passes if it’s an event and so on.
  3. Commercial paperwork. It’s not unknown for people to leave critical files or presentation materials behind when they’re on their way to a meeting or seminar etc.
  4. Your personal items. That might include medication, cosmetics and clothing if your journey involves an overnight or longer stay away.
  5. It is VERY easy to rush out and forget your wallet or purse with your cash and credit cards in them. That can lead to a serious red face!
  6. At the time we take a luxury limousine hire booking, we will normally require a detailed destination address. However, we know of cases where clients have forgotten the exact “go on arrival to” location for a large office or industrial complex. OK, perhaps not a disaster but it can be very embarrassing.

If you’re unfortunate enough to suffer an embarrassment of any of the above types, then Bayside Limousines will do everything humanly possible to help you resolve it.

Of course, problems are usually better avoided rather than solved, so spending a few extra minutes in a final check before you leave is usually a good investment in terms of avoiding lengthy explanations and apologies!

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