How do you pronounce “Hyundai”?

We always enjoy talking about the vehicles of our fleet and the history of the marques involved.

Now there’s one point we won’t be making a stand on – how to pronounce “Hyundai”!

We know some say “Hi-Un-Dai”, some “Hun-Dai” and yet others “Hi-Oon-Dai”. Whatever the manufacture thinks, they’re all OK by us!

Some people think that Hyundai are Japanese but in fact they’re South Korean and are part of the same group as Kia. Their origins go back to the late 1960s when what was an engineering and construction group decided to diversify into car manufacturing.

Initially, they recruited some of the UK’s top engineers and coupled that with Italian design flair to produce early vehicles like “The Pony”.

It’s probably fair to say that initially Hyundai concentrated on what we might call “mass appeal” cars where value for money was of prime importance and the upper-market segments were not their main target. That all changed when a new corporate direction was established in the 1990s and the marque moved considerably further up the retail scale.

Some of the cars it has produced over the past 20 years have received acclaim across the globe and it is now firmly established as a quality brand.

Our 7-seat I-Max is a very good-looking and practical vehicle that blends function with style effortlessly. It’s very popular with our customers and our chauffeurs alike.

It comes fully equipped with tinted windows and leather upholstery. It’s ideal for things such as airport shuttle runs for groups, social trips out or even transporting wedding guests to a reception venue etc.

If you’d like to know more about the Hyundai I-Max or indeed any other vehicle of our luxury limousine and coach hire fleet, we’d love to hear from you.

Just give us a call at your convenience!

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