Top Tips for Limousine Laptop Security

At Bayside Limousines, we are expert at getting business travellers from ‘A’ to ‘B’ quickly and in the ultimate of luxury.

We also know that many of our customers use laptops or tablets as they travel around. As a result, security can sometimes be a concern for those using luxury limo hire – Sydney and elsewhere in Australia. They’re often particularly worried about unauthorised wireless connections.

Now we don’t claim to be IT specialists but we can offer some very general advice as follows.

  1. Understand and restrict ‘shared access’ to your files and system.
  2. Use a good security software package.
  3. Protect your overall access to your PC and individual files/applications through passwords.
  4. Be very cautious about logging into external systems or email through open public ‘hot spots’. Try to avoid doing so if you can and wait until you have secured internet access.
  5. Use Wifi connections that are secure.
  6. Keep all your data on your device in ‘encrypted’ mode. This means that even if it were stolen, it would be difficult for the thief to do much with the data unless they had extremely sophisticated IT support behind them.
  7. If possible, avoid contacting your personal sensitive sites (e.g. your bank account) through Wifi systems. It’s better to wait until you know you have a secure connection at your office or that of a colleague etc. When using luxury car hire, Sydney has plenty of other secure connections. Your chauffeur might be able to help you there.
  8. Be aware of phishing scams – those are emails or sometimes Wifi connection sites that ask for passwords to provide your service when that is completely unnecessary.

Space doesn’t really permit us to go into any of the above in detail.

If some of these points don’t mean much to you, it would be worth speaking to an IT professional before using your technology when out and about using luxury limo hire.

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