We’re Not Big on Excuses

One of the things we can guarantee that you won’t find in Bayside Limousines’ offices is an official pre-prepared ‘book of excuses’!

We’ve said before that in about 99% of cases where a car hire company or rent a limo provider has failed to do what they promised, it is entirely because of human error or professional incompetence.

It’s true that we occasionally encounter the odd operational problem arising from circumstances that we could not have predicted but we ‘fix it quick’ and make sure that there is no visible effect on the commitment we have made to our customers.

In our view, there is never any reason to pass on the effects of day-to-day business challenges to the paying customer and that’s why we underpin our commitment to a given luxury limousine hire job with financial guarantees. You can find out more about those on our website or by giving us a call.

Although we have said so previously, we’ll make the point again that Bayside Limousines will never let you down due to mistakes and operational challenges. We know that if we were unable to fulfil our professional commitment, for whatever reason, then our customer would feel the pain. Should such an unlikely situation arise, we’ll make sure that we feel financial pain too.

It’s possible to ask the question why, if we never let customers down, do we have a financial guarantee system in place?

That’s simple……

It’s just about possible to imagine a set of circumstances that might cause us problems in delivering a service and over which we had no control. For example, if an accident has completely blocked the road ahead then there may be little or nothing our chauffeur can do about it.

What we can do though is to show that we would take any such situation seriously even though there may have been nothing we could do about it.

That’s what our guarantee is all about!

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