Avoiding Traffic Jams

In all of the world’s major cities, including those in Australia, the occasional traffic jam is an inescapable part of life.

In some cases they come about because of the volume of traffic on the road but also much-hated problems such as vehicle breakdowns, roadworks and faulty traffic lights, can all play their part in creating headaches for drivers.

At Bayside Limousines, although we can’t absolutely guarantee that with our limo services, Sydney or elsewhere, we’ll always be able to avoid such snarl-ups, we may be a lot better positioned to get around them than many ordinary motorists.

That’s partly because some of the sheer experience of our chauffeurs – you can be sure that they will all intimately know their home base city’s roads. You can be equally sure that we also have technologies for constantly monitoring road conditions and taking real-time traffic information feeds.

So, by merging the two things together, we can often avoid or bypass some of the traffic jams that might hold-up many other people for significant periods of time.

In fact, that’s sometimes why our chauffeurs may take what appears to be a more circuitous route to get you from ‘A’ to ‘B’. They will normally be making the best use of their experienced plus the real-time traffic information at their disposal in order to select the most traffic-free routes.

If your chauffeur knows of any potential delays en route, he or she will always draw these to your attention at the earliest possible opportunity.

In some circumstances there may be little or nothing we can do to guarantee to avoid them but we will always try and make sure that they don’t come as an unpleasant surprise to you. That might sometimes include us calling you in advance of your hire to tell you that, due to traffic problems, we would advise that you allocate a little more time to the journey than would normally be the case.

It’s all part of the total service provision of Bayside Limousines.

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