Limousines, Sydney and The New Austerity

The global financial crises that started in 2007/8 still cast a long shadow. In Australia we were, on the whole, pretty lucky when compared to say Europe, North America and many parts of Asia. Even so, we all experienced some rocky times that left an impression on the psyche of many. That in turn led to the development of what’s sometimes called “The New Austerity”. That essentially means, amongst other things, people frowning upon what they perceive to be extravagance which for some might include the hiring of limousines. Sydney may have escaped the worst deprivations of those crises but some of the suspicion of consumption did rub off.

So, is hiring a limousine really that extravagant?

Well, Australians have always had something of a reputation of being careful and prudent. Throwing money around carelessly in pointless displays of wealth or even just showcasing really isn’t our style. So, why are people still renting limousines? Sydney isn’t any more immune from that basic Australian prudence than any other part of the country.

Well, here at Bayside Limousines we know the answer. It’s quite simply that limo hire is often very good value for money when considered against the time some business people will save by using it as opposed to say taxis and buses. Take, for example, an executive looking for a transfer in-bound from the airport. Where would his or her shareholders prefer to see them? Queuing up for hours waiting for a taxi, jammed into a crowded and very slow bus or in a limousine being able to work or perhaps even relax comfortably before getting speedily and efficiently to their destination? What do the family of the bride wish to see on the big day?

Is it their daughter arguing frantically on the phone demanding to know why the taxi hasn’t arrived? Perhaps listening to the sincere apologies of a friend of the family who was due to be providing transport but has now said “it’s broken down”? For all these reasons and others like them, limousine hire continues to be practical and popular. It’s nothing at all to do with extravagance!

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