Luxury Limousines in Sydney – Wedding Preparation

Your wedding day is hopefully going to be one of the most memorable days of your life.

Most Brides and Grooms plus their families, want everything to be absolutely perfect and that’s why we thought we’d take a few words to tell you something about how seriously we take our responsibilities in this area.

For a start, as you might expect, every Bayside Limousines’ vehicle is immaculately valeted before it is sent out on a customer assignment. That’s something we take pride in but it’s probably fair to say that we take extra special care with the limousines that are assigned to our weddings.

For example, subject to discussion between us, we can arrange for the car to be decorated in certain ways and for things such as champagne to be made available to the Bride and Groom. We will also make absolutely certain that your entire itinerary for the day, including transfers to the service venue, from there to the reception venue and perhaps latterly on the way to your honeymoon, will all be impeccably planned down to the last few seconds.

This approach to planning and service coupled with our total commitment to supporting the couple on the big day, is what makes us different to so many other service providers. Yes, finding luxury limousines in Sydney is comparatively easy, yet finding them combined with a total service provision that recognizes the importance of this day to the couple, may be less easy to find.

We will work alongside you or your wedding planner to ensure a totally seamless and immaculate transfer service at all stages of your day. In fact, if you need us to help with subsequent travel arrangements on to your honeymoon, we can do that too including things such as flight bookings and airport transfers.

If this all sounds to be too good to be true, why not call us for a discussion and allow us to prove that it is exactly the service we provide?

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