Planning your Itinerary Carefully

One of the guarantees that we are proud to offer at Bayside Limousines is that you will never be late as a result of a service failure on our behalf.

Our chauffeurs never oversleep, get lost, misunderstand what’s expected of them, become confused about where they are meant to be or hugely underestimate the time required to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’. We are simply too professional to allow such things to happen.

However, there are certain things about transport that neither we nor you can guarantee 100% to control.

That might include things such as traffic jams due to accidents or vehicle breakdowns, police roadblocks in security situations or freak weather conditions which disrupt road traffic etc.

For all those reasons, where we are providing limousine hire services, we will always build in a certain element of contingency planning. What that means is , for example, that if you need to be somewhere at say 3.00 PM and we know it will take an hour to get there from your pick-up point, we will usually recommend that we collect you some time a little before 2.00 PM ‘just in case’.

We understand you won’t want to arrive at your destination too early and we will use all of our experience, gained over many years of providing limo hire services, Sydney and elsewhere in Australia, to ensure that the contingency we advise isn’t excessive.

We respectfully recommend to all of our clients that our advice on travel times is accepted and that you do not leave your collection and departure time until the last possible ‘best case scenario’ minute in order to reach your final destination.

We want to make clear that problems on route are very rare. Even so, they can happen and that’s why we will work in partnership with you to help you plan your itinerary so that there’s at least a little slack built in to try and cope with the unexpected. It’s all part of Bayside Limousines’ service.

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