The Jaguar XJ – A Thoroughbred from a Great Stable

Here at Bayside Limousines, we are hugely and justifiably proud of our fleet, which is second to none in terms of the range of vehicles provided.

We love all of our cars but even we have to admit that there is one, more than most others that catches the eye and gets people asking us questions about it. That is, no surprises for guessing, the Jaguar XJ Premium Luxury.

We are sometimes asked a little bit about the history of Jaguar itself.

Space doesn’t permit a full discussion but here are a few interesting facts we’ve picked out that you may not know.

• Although still inevitably associated with and built in the UK, Jaguar’s now part of the giant Indian Tata Group.
• The company started business in the early 20th century in England with the charming name “The Swallow Sidecar Company”. That was changed in the 1930s to “SS Jaguar”. Their bonnet emblem of twin stylised “SS” lightning bolts existed for many years but had to be changed rapidly after the Second World War because of its unfortunate similarity to the Nazi’s SS symbol.
• Up until the 1960s, Jaguar produced some of the world’s most iconic vehicles and had a proud record in racing.
• Even the most avid for Jaguar fans will admit that during the 1970s and 80s, whilst it was nationalised, the company rather lost the plot and had a reputation for producing highly unreliable vehicles.
• Things were radically changed under the ownership of companies such as Ford and latterly Tata with the end result being that today, they are amongst the leading manufacturers of high performance sports and luxury model vehicles.

The luxury in the Jaguar XJ Premium is incomparable and some of the pictures on our website describe it far better than we could here. What they don’t tell you, of course, is the sheer adrenalin rush of hearing that engine roar!

Why not hire our ‘Big Cat’ through our Limo Hire Services Sydney and find out more for yourself?

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