The Mercedes ‘S’ Class – Regal Luxury

Few marques have quite the same image of understated luxury as that of Mercedes-Benz.

The ‘S’ class in our fleet is simply a magnificent vehicle and one that comes fitted to the highest standards of luxury.

From time to time, we like to share a little bit about the history of the famous manufacturers that comprise our fleet and one of the more interesting of the histories is that of Mercedes-Benz. The company can trace its origins all the way back to 1886 and Karl Benz’s “AutoWagon“, which most historians would agree was the world’s first petrol-driven car.

In 1901 the company produced a model called the “Mercedes’ and in 1926 produced the first model under the brand name Mercedes–Benz. It’s not widely known that Gottfried Daimler and Karl Benz worked together from the earliest days and that the company was actually known as Daimler–Benz.

Most confusingly, Gottfried Daimler’s original designs for engines were taken up enthusiastically by an engineering company in England that also purchased the right to use that name. So, ‘Daimlers’ were made in the UK whereas Daimler-Benz were producing Mercedes cars and other models in Germany.

Mercedes’ motto translates roughly to the equivalent of “The Best or Nothing” and given their ongoing popularity for luxury car hire, Sydney and elsewhere, it’s hard to argue that the company hasn’t succeeded in its old objective.

Although historians like to argue about these things, most unbiased observers would not argue against the statement that Mercedes-Benz today is probably the oldest continually used car marque in existence. Whatever they are doing over there in Stuttgart, they’re clearly doing something right to have survived for well over a century!

You may get some insight into that yourself if you select a Mercedes ‘S’ class from our fleet for your luxury limousine hire requirements.

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