What’s our Position on TESLA Electric Cars?

We are sometimes asked for our opinion on electric cars and specifically the executive TESLA Model-S.

There is no doubt that this technology is making huge advances and in particular the TESLA model S is an extremely credible and very attractive-looking vehicle. We are sure that these vehicles will make an increasing impact in luxury car hire – Sydney and elsewhere in the world.

However, while the performance and range of these vehicles is now very impressive and broadly comparable to many petrol or diesel engine luxury limos, there remain one or two issues to be resolved.

The first thing is that it is important that there is a service and distribution network across the whole of Australia. As long as many garages remain relatively unaware of electric vehicle technology, there will always be the ever-present risk of finding it difficult to get a problem with the vehicle addressed.

Then there is the question of charging.

The published range of these new electric luxury cars is impressive but they continue to need, on average, several hours connected to mains electricity in order to replace the charge once it is close to being exhausted.

For many luxury limo hire companies such as Bayside Limousines, this is potentially a significant problem. If one of our clients wishes to extend their hire duration at short notice or we have an urgent need for a vehicle, then being unable to assist because it needs to go on charge for several hours would be a major problem.

The good news is that the manufacturers are working on solutions to this limitation including slot-in, slot-out battery packs, ‘in-the-road’ recharging as you go and special high-voltage and therefore rapid recharge technologies.

However at this point in time, these problems and limitations remain something of a concern for many fleet providers of luxury limousine services.

We will there be keeping a close eye on the position as it evolves over the next few years.

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