Why Pets Need to be Discussed in Advance

Although we have previously spoken on the subject in a blog, it’s fair to say this is one of the commoner questions we encounter from new clients.

Before explaining our position on the carriage of animals, please accept our assurance that we have nothing against pets! Many of us here are animal lovers and wouldn’t want that to be misunderstood.

However, our policy on pets is that we must be notified in advance if you wish to take any form of animal into one of our luxury hire limousines. The reasons for that shouldn’t be too surprising.

While we know that many domestic pets are very well behaved and usually entirely ‘trustworthy’ in terms of their own personal hygiene, unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and most owners can’t unconditionally guarantee it either. If a pet ‘misbehaves’ in one of our luxury higher limos, well, we’re sure you’ll understand the issue!

Another problem relates to potential allergens.

Some people are extremely sensitive to things such as cat or dog hair plus the microscopic particles that they can deposit behind them in the atmosphere. Animal smells can also form part of this, with some people being subject to significant allergic reactions if they even smell a cat or dog in an enclosed environment.

Although all of our vehicles are immaculately and professionally valeted in between rentals, even so, we hope you will understand why all of the above possible issues are things we need to be aware of and reserve our judgment on case-by-case.

So, we don’t have a blanket ban on transporting pets in our limousines but we do respectfully request that you discuss your requirements fully with us in advance so that we may consider them and make the most appropriate suggestions possible.

We will try and help where at all possible.

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