Why Take Chances with Unfamiliar Road Systems?

A recent news story received a lot of coverage in Australia.

It involved an American tourist in Thailand who set off driving the wrong way down the street and in the process, collided with and seriously damaged no less than 13 other vehicles. Fortunately nobody was killed and although several vehicles were wrecked, the injuries appear to be relatively minor.

The news reports are far from conclusive but they seem to indicate that panic and confusion, presumably fuelled by a lack of familiarity with the local road network, led to what some reporters described as “vehicle carnage”.

Now it is easy to find this sort of story incredulous and to sit back and think very confidently that you could never find yourself in such a situation. However, is that entirely true?

Most of us might be inclined to admit that once or twice when driving in an unfamiliar city, even perhaps in Australia, we may have become temporarily confused and disoriented. That can happen easily if you are trying to focus closely on strange streets or odd road systems whilst at the same time looking for road names and turning points etc.

Even if nothing bad actually happens, it can still be a nerve-wracking experience and not a great way to begin, for example, a business trip.

That’s one of the reasons why we recommend to visitors that they seriously consider limo hire. Sydney and Australia’s other great cities can be confusing to drivers who are not familiar with the locality and the road systems involved. However, that’s something you just won’t have to worry about if you have a dedicated luxury limousine and an expert chauffeur to get you around or even just take you to and from the airport etc.

It’ll be a lot less stressful, as things such as parking and navigation can be safely left to somebody else.

So, don’t take chances. Concentrate on the main reason for your visit and let us do the rest.

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