What you Should Expect your Limousine Hire Service to Do

If you think your limousine and luxury car and bus hire service is all about just hiring cars then think again.

There’s a lot more to it than that.

You are actually hiring a luxury experience and the service that comes along with it.

That’s why we created our Personal Concierge on Wheels service. It’s what limousine services SHOULD offer, but most don’t.

For example, we will book luxury restaurants for you. And if you need other transport such as a helicopter or a lavish boat, we will take care of this for you too.
And if you would like to take in the sights, we will arrange a tour to meet your exact demands.

And one service you would expect to be standard (but sadly isn’t) is organising routes. If you have a number of people to be collected and dropped off your driver will work out the optimal route, and will not expect you to work this out.

These are the things you should demand from your limousine service. If yours does not provide them then you should ask yourself why. Or contact us to find out exactly what you should expect.

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