Company Group Travel by Air

It’s not unusual to find several colleagues needing to travel by air at the same time.

It’s also far from unusual to hear stories of this sometimes resulting in a few headaches for the organizers in situations where everybody is making their own way independently to the airport. Although in theory there shouldn’t be a problem, it’s amazing how often one hears cases of someone whose car broke down or who managed to get stuck in traffic – with another commonplace experience being unable to find a parking space at the airport in time for boarding closures.

In some cases, it might be amusing or perhaps only a minor inconvenience if one of the party misses the flight but in other instances it could be a nightmare. For example, in a situation where an important client is expecting to see three of you, then needing to explain that one didn’t arrive due to being unable to get to the airport on time is unlikely to be the best start to your discussions ahead.

So, if you are organizing such a trip, why not consider one of our smaller people-mover type vehicles for your airport transfer? Even if three of four people are travelling together, if you have luggage and laptops then a slightly larger vehicle might be more spacious than a conventional limousine. Having a bigger vehicle might also give you the space to get some work done both on the way to the airport and on the way home again.

Coordination is always a worry for whoever in the company has drawn the short straw of needing to arrange group travel of this nature and particularly where flights are concerned. Using our services for your transfers, rather than leaving it to the individuals themselves, might significantly reduce your risks of something going wrong and somebody simply not making it on time.

Why not give us a call and see just what our group airport transfer services could do for you.

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