Sleeping the Worst Off

We’ve seen some news recently from France that caught our eye.

The police were called to a suspicious-looking vehicle in a small town. Upon arrival, they found a man inside who had simply pushed back his seat for a quick nap. What made this unusual though was the fact that he had chosen to do so on a roundabout and was actually so drunk as to be officially described as being “virtually comatose”.

The driver concerned was multiple times over the maximum permitted blood alcohol levels. It’s fortunate that he was at least partly able to recognise that he was unable to drive, having set off, and decided to park up for a snooze (or perhaps collapsed?) without realizing quite where he actually was.

Now it’s perfectly possible to dismiss this as one of those quirky news stories that everybody smiles at – particularly when the events concerned happen overseas. However, this incident and many others like it are far from amusing given that many lives continue to be lost due to drink-driving.

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