Confidentially and Chauffeurs

We blogged on this a long time ago but a recent question suggested we should perhaps re-visit the subject again.

All our chauffeurs have been personally and extensively vetted by us. You can be 100% certain that they are trustworthy, responsible, experienced, mature and discreet individuals.

We unconditionally guarantee that we will never, repeat NEVER, just pick up a chauffeur “off the street” for a job (e.g. an urgent stretch limo hire, Sydney or elsewhere) because we’re busy or indeed for any other reason. It simply doesn’t happen.

What this means is that you can be sure that if you’re in one of our vehicles, your conversations with other passengers or on the phone will be entirely private. To put it bluntly, what our clients say in our luxury vehicles stays inside the vehicle as far as we are concerned.

However, we recognise that in some circumstances you may wish total privacy. In such cases, our chauffeurs will be perfectly happy to pull up while you leave the vehicle for a call or in other situations, to leave the vehicle themselves while you make that highly confidential call from inside.

The only point we would highlight is that for security and insurance reasons, we cannot leave our vehicle’s engine running or the keys in the ignition if our chauffeur is asked to step outside for a few minutes. We hope you will understand that minor caveat.

Please be assured that our chauffeurs will never be offended by such a request. They understand the need for our clients to be confident that they are not being overheard by anyone.

There may be other privacy and confidentiality steps we can take if you need it. For example, we can identify short-term rental offices where our chauffeur can take you and other passengers for an impromptu conference. Such locations can be provided entirely anonymously and if you wish, security experts can be provided to ensure both your personal and IT/Comms privacy.

Just contact us with your requirements and we will make it so.

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