Maintaining Modern Luxury Limousines

Once upon a time, well within living memory, most cars were relatively simple devices.

That included the engine.

Pick up a book, read a few chapters and you had a fair knowledge of the workings of the internal combustion engine. Buy yourself a few spanners (wrenches), screwdrivers and a socket set, and you were ready to go and fix that troublesome car!

OK, a few years of being asked to do the grunt work, be the butt of jokes and make the tea in a garage, by way of apprenticeship, but then you were ready to go as a car mechanic.

Those days are now the stuff of fond nostalgia!

We should be clear that no “guy with a spanner in one hand and a mug of tea in the other” is going to get anywhere near our prestige vehicles. Why is that?

Well, we can assure you that we’re not snobs! However, the world has changed and today’s high-performance luxury vehicles are simply a million miles away from the sort of car our parents and grandparents would have been familiar with and perhaps loved.

Today, we all demand so much more of our cars – including luxury limousines. We expect our vehicles to be:

• Efficient;
• Reliable;
• Economic;
• Green;
• Multi-functional and ‘smart’.

That’s all largely been achieved but there is a price to pay – and that is complexity.

Today, very few people can claim to totally understand a modern prestigious vehicle. There might be bodywork experts, ignition systems specialists, computer control systems analysts and so on. That’s why many diagnostic exercises are now carried out by computer rather than a human being.

This also, in truth, adds cost. However, we will never economise on the servicing and maintenance of our luxury limos. The idea of a Bayside Limousines vehicle being despatched on a job with a “knocking noise coming from the engine” or leaking oil all over the road is so absurd as to be funny.

We spend a lot of money on our vehicle maintenance and offer no apologies for doing so. Whilst we might all like to fondly think back to and romanticise about those “old days”, neither we nor our clients would want to go back to them!

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