Do You Understand the Alcohol Limits for Driving?

In Australia, the normally-quoted “maximum permissible level of alcohol for safe driving” is set at 0.05% or 0.02 / 0.00 for certain categories of driver.

Unfortunately, just what this means isn’t always well understood, in spite of numerous state and national communication campaigns.

We need to be clear that Bayside Limousines isn’t qualified to offer medical advice. Even so, we’ll try to state a few basic points to put this limit into some sort of context.

• The ‘limit equals so many drinks’ is a myth. There are so many variables involved, such as your weight, aspects of your individual body’s metabolism, your health and so on, that it’s impossible to translate the limit into a set number of drinks of a given type. The only safe approach is – drink nothing if you’re going to drive.

• The ‘you can sleep it off overnight’ is another myth. Depending upon a number of factors, including how much you had to drink, it can take as much as 18 hours for your blood alcohol levels to return to zero after consuming alcohol. You could easily be well over the limit all the day after you stopped drinking.

This is about as simple as it can be. If you drink even a tiny amount you could be over the limit and if you drink a more substantial amount you might still be so for a good proportion of the following day too.

That’s why our luxury limousine hire for nights out is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people simply don’t want to take the chance of transgressing the strict drink-driving laws, even accidentally. Using our services saves you worrying and allows you to enjoy yourself – though don’t forget to think about using us the day afterwards too when you might still be well over the limit!

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