Hourly or Daily Hire rates for Sydney Stretch Limousines?

There is sometimes a debate as to whether to hire Sydney stretch limousines by the hour or by the half (or full) day.

We have a stunning range of ‘stretchies’ to choose from. They range from the exclusive executive right up to the downright highly eccentric in styles!

Great fun and practical as these vehicles are, inevitably there’s a cost question from some clients relating to how best to hire them.

There is, of course, no single simple answer. Bayside Limousines is unusual in that we do offer hourly rates on our vehicles but even so, a lot will depend upon what you plan to use your vehicle for and how certain your arrangements are.

For example, if you’re planning to hire Sydney stretch limousines for say a wedding then you may be able to be very precise about your timings. So, in those circumstances, we might recommend an hourly charging deal.

However, in the case of a business meeting between a group of your colleagues and a third party at another site, it might be trickier to be absolutely sure of your times. Perhaps the meeting might overrun or there’s the possibility of the other parties running late etc.

In those circumstances, to avoid the possibility of waiting charges, it might be more cost-effective to discuss a half-day or even full-day rate with us.

The bottom line is simple. We want to be your business partners and transport facilitators. If you share your transport requirement plans with us and help us to understand how certain your travel times are, then we will put together a recommended travel itinerary for the day and construct the most attractive price-utilisation recommendation we can.

So, don’t assume a stretch limousine is going to be prohibitively expensive. Talk to us about your options and opportunities – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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