What it takes to Become a Bayside Limousines Chauffeur

We’re sometimes asked just what it takes to become one of our chauffeurs.

Well, it depends of course. No two people are the same and we all have our individual strengths and weaknesses. None of us are perfect!

So, when we’re looking at candidates, we use experience and judgement to look at the person in totality. We sum up many factors before reaching a conclusion. Generally, we don’t have a rigid list but it might surprise you to know that being able to throw a car around in a macho fashion isn’t something that impresses us at all.

In other words, the question is more complex than it might seem at first glance. However, when we’re looking at chauffeurs for Sydney luxury car hire services, we’ll typically value (not in order):

• The highest demonstrable standards of personal integrity – this is critically important to our clients and therefore us.

• Maturity of personal behaviour. This is nothing to do with age. Some people can be highly mature, responsible and trustworthy at 23, while others can still be behaving like adolescents when they’re 50.

• Level-headedness. Things can sometimes go wrong in luxury limousine hire and panic or recriminations are not the solution. We expect our chauffeurs to quickly and quietly solve problems to ensure that they don’t impact our client service rather than ranting about how unlucky they’ve been.

• This is NOT about how well the candidate can drive (important as that is) but how they manage their daily business affairs. Phrases such as “sorry, I forgot” or “I must have written it down wrong” would not be tolerated within Bayside Limousines.

• A total service focus. Our business doesn’t exist to give us and our chauffeurs an amusing life. It exists to deliver an exemplary service to our clients and of course, we benefit through that. So, we demand a 100% focus on client service rather than personal convenience.

• We typically don’t employ chauffeurs who’ve just decided to “give this job a try” but require a track record of excellence in chauffeur services.

• Good communication skills. Chauffeurs are usually critically important to clients, for example on wedding days or giving advice on airport services and business conference drop-offs/pick-ups. This is a highly professional environment, so we therefore demand excellent verbal communication skills using standard language. Our clients won’t expect “street talk”, expletives, misunderstandings, crudities or chauffeurs who struggle to express themselves clearly and concisely when required – so nor do we.

Just a few basics but as you can imagine, very few candidates meet our demanding criteria!

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