Your Wedding Limousine and Wearing Pearls

Most of our blogs talk, we hope, about pretty useful and meaningful things but we also like to have fun at Bayside Limousines.

So, here we’ll diverge slightly from talking heavily about limousine issues and mention something about wedding folklore.

Recently, a client was talking about details of our wedding limo hire, Sydney and elsewhere for that matter. As part of that, she mentioned she’d been told that it was unlucky to wear pearls on her wedding day and asked if we’d heard of such a thing.

OK, we admit it – that one stumped us!

Always eager to please, we investigated (actually, the bride to be didn’t really need our input she’d only mentioned it in passing but we looked it up anyway for our own interest).

It transpires that there is an almost global belief that wearing pearls on your wedding day, whether you’re in a luxury wedding limo or not, IS a “luck” issue, though oddly whether its seen as bringing good or bad luck varies by culture. Some societies think it’s unlucky, others the opposite.

There is also a very widespread almost cross-cultural association of pearls with “tears”. This is where the good or bad luck seems to have its origins.

In some societies, people believe that wearing pearls on your wedding day means that your marriage will cause you to shed many tears over the years ahead. Others believe that wearing them signifies that marriage is ending the period of tears without a spouse and thereby starting a new joyous life.

Of course, all of this seems to be associated with the bride. Presumably men also worry about shedding tears as a result of their marriage downstream or see it as the end of the tears of bachelorhood but that seems strangely absent from the mythology.

What you believe is up to you. We found this interesting but whether you wear pearls or not on the big day, we can guarantee you that Bayside Limousines and our wedding services will NOT cause you to shed any tears! We’re experts in this field and can offer a wide range of support services such as helping with venues and event tickets for the big day.

So, why not give us a call to find out more about our weddings limo and related services? Just don’t ask us to say whether you should wear pearls or not on the big day!

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