Children, Luxury Limousine Hire and Child Seats

It is very rare but sometimes our clients are caught-out by the child seat laws.
Space doesn’t permit a full discussion of the law here but there are a few basic principles that should be kept in mind:

• We are happy to carry younger people providing they are accompanied by an appropriate adult.

• It is essential that we comply with the law as it applies to the conditions for the carriage of younger children. Essentially that means children within certain age ranges must be seated in an approved and secure child-seat that is appropriate for their age.

• Bayside Limousines can supply those seats upon demand as part of our luxury limousine hire, Sydney and elsewhere – but we will require notice in advance. We will also need to know the age of the child or children concerned.

• There are specific restrictions on children below a certain age travelling in front seats – whatever the youngsters might demand to the contrary!

• The law permits a degree of judgement to be used in cases where a child or young person may be unusually large or small for their age, in which case it may be acceptable to go up or down to the next child seat in age range terms.

We cannot vary these requirements, as they are enshrined in law. So, we do ask that you make clear when booking that you have younger children in your party. Please do so even in circumstances where you’re not sure at the time of booking whether the child will be accompanying you.

In situations where we arrive to collect you to find a child is in your group and we were not informed, so have been unable to provide a legally compliant seat, we may be forced to refuse to allow them to accompany you in our vehicle or you might experience delays as we obtain a suitable child seat.

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