Will Video Calls Replace Physical Conferences?

One of our larger areas of activity involves luxury coach provision for company conferences.

That often involves people from several different company locations getting together in one venue. Contrary to what you might imagine, that doesn’t always mean a cast of thousands and some of these gatherings can be fairly small and perhaps number only 10-15 people.

So, it’s perhaps not too surprising that we’re sometimes asked whether we think that such get-togethers will diminish as a result of technology such as video-conferencing etc.

Well, we’re specialists in luxury coach hire rather than technology but our view is that company conferences where everybody gets together won’t be replaced any time soon by video calls! The fact is that video has its limitations and is no substitute for those 15 people all being in the one room at the same time.

Why not?

There’s just something about inter-personal reactions and communications that comes across when people are physically face-to-face, as opposed to looking at each other on a screen. It’s difficult to build rapport and get people feeding of each other’s ideas, as well as freely exchanging information, when they’re sitting in front of a camera and watching the head and shoulders of just those of their colleagues who are ‘in shot’ at the other end.

Yes, this technology has its place and we use it ourselves but it just isn’t the same as getting out and meeting people in the flesh. It’s difficult to see it ever becoming so either – at least not until there is some vast technology leap into something like full holographic representations and that’s not even on the radar at the moment.

So, until the far future arrives, why not speak to us about our conference transport options via our luxury coach hire services? You’ll be surprised at how cost-effective they are.

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