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Are you Taking your VIPs Seriously with Sydney Airport Limos?

A recent story involved a VIP business visitor from overseas who was found wandering aimlessly around with his luggage, hopelessly lost, in an out-of-town business park. The extent of his displacement was indicated by the fact he was actually looking for a CBD address. Apparently the company he was visiting had advised him to take […]

Why ‘Waiting Time’ Exists with Luxury Limousine Hire

At Bayside Limousines, we do everything we can to be as flexible as possible in response to varying customer requirements. That’s why, for example, unlike some organisations we are happy to offer luxury limo hire prices by the day (or days), half-day or even the hour. That provides clients with a range of tariffs, one […]

Luxury Limo Airport Transfers and Translation

A fairly significant part of our total business portfolio arises from airport transfers. Some of those are private individuals or groups but in many cases they relate to corporate travellers. In some instances, that also involves visitors from other countries who do not have an in-depth and fluent understanding of the English language. It may […]

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