Hourly or Daily Hire rates for Sydney Stretch Limousines?

Stretched Limousines

There is sometimes a debate as to whether to hire Sydney stretch limousines by the hour or by the half (or full) day.

We have a stunning range of ‘stretchies’ to choose from. They range from the exclusive executive right up to the downright highly eccentric in styles!

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A Word on Carrying Animals

mercedes benz sprinter

From time to time we are asked about our policies with regards to the transport of pets.

We are an almost infinitely flexible organisation and will do everything we possibly can to meet the requirements of our clients.  As such, we don’t have demarcation lines and piles of bureaucracy defining what can or cannot be done in an individual limousine hire situation.  Instead, we look at each individual set of circumstances on its own and reach an informed conclusion in conjunction with our client.

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Sleeping the Worst Off

Limo Hire Sydney

We’ve seen some news recently from France that caught our eye.

The police were called to a suspicious-looking vehicle in a small town.  Upon arrival, they found a man inside who had simply pushed back his seat for a quick nap.  What made this unusual though was the fact that he had chosen to do so on a roundabout and was actually so drunk as to be officially described as being “virtually comatose”.

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We Don’t Compromise on Cleanliness

We have all read stories such as the one about the Wedding Limousine that arrived to collect the Bride and was found to have squashed sandwiches on the floor plus peanuts and other snack debris on the seats.

It’s extremely unlikely that the Bride and Groom or their families found the incident amusing.

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