The Beginning of A Business That Has Been Operating For 20 Years!

11102669_896575893719602_6817107722073606969_nA brief history of our company:

It all began in 1982, when a 21-year old Oris Squadrito began his training in the art of being a chauffeur. This included a stress on old-school customer satisfaction and service from the masters of the “Old Guard” of chauffeuring that made an indelible imprint on him.

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Planning your Itinerary Carefully

One of the guarantees that we are proud to offer at Bayside Limousines is that you will never be late as a result of a service failure on our behalf.

Our chauffeurs never oversleep, get lost, misunderstand what’s expected of them, become confused about where they are meant to be or hugely underestimate the time required to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’. We are simply too professional to allow such things to happen.

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