Top Tips for Brides and Wedding Day Punctuality

Wedding Car Hire Sydney

As a bride, it is one thing to be ‘traditionally late’ in your arrival at your wedding venue where the groom is waiting but another altogether to find that you’re so behind that the guests have started a football or cricket match to keep themselves entertained in the meantime.

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Why our Chauffeurs are ‘Special’

Chauffeur Driven Limousines

Like all good businesses, we know that we are only as strong as our weakest link.

That’s why we recognise the reality of that old sound bite to the effect that “the greatest resource a company has is its own people”.

Certainly that’s true for Bayside Limousines and also why we take exceptional care when selecting our chauffeurs.

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Why Take Chances with Unfamiliar Road Systems?

limos hire

A recent news story received a lot of coverage in Australia.

It involved an American tourist in Thailand who set off driving the wrong way down the street and in the process, collided with and seriously damaged no less than 13 other vehicles. Fortunately nobody was killed and although several vehicles were wrecked, the injuries appear to be relatively minor.

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Audi – A Name Synonymous with Performance and Quality

Audi A8L

Devotees of the motor vehicle will know that one of our proud fleet vehicles is the Audi A8L.

From time to time we like to spend a few moments just saying something about the history of the different marques we use and here we’ll proffer a few words about the world-famous Audi.

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Petrol or Diesel Engine – What’s the Difference?

From an originally fairly small beginning, the ‘ordinary car’ diesel engine is becoming increasingly popular in Australia.

Yet we still get asked occasionally what the difference is between the petrol and diesel engine?

Sadly, in a brief blog of this nature, we really don’t have the space to go into an engineering discussion – so we are pulling out here a few of the key points as they occurred to us.

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Limousines, Sydney and Goodbye to Summer

Limousines Sydney

So, at the risk of stating the obvious, we’re now all saying ‘goodbye’ to summer with autumn and winter now being firmly on the horizon.

While it is true that the winter weather in Sydney is really nothing much to get worked up about when compared to some parts of the world, even so, it can make a significant difference in terms of your transport needs.

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Technology and Luxury Limousine Hire

Luxury Limousine Hire

We’re sometimes asked what technology comes with our luxury limousines. That is technology in the client-use sense rather than what’s associated with running the vehicle itself!

Of course, that depends upon the specific vehicle you have selected. However, certain of our vehicles will include one or several of the following:

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What Happens when Something Goes Wrong with Limo Hire?

What Happens when Something Goes Wrong with Limo Hire?

Our vast experience and professionalism mean that we simply don’t make mistakes nor do we believe in customer-visible ‘bad luck’.

So, what you will never be on the receiving end of from us is that dreaded phone call to say that your vehicle won’t be there because “it’s broken down”, “the chauffeur has a cold” or we’ve accidentally “double-booked your vehicle”.

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